Trying to show my world in english

Trying to show my world in english. Today I thought about writing to you in English. I can not speak and write very well but I belive time after time will be better. You can give me some directions how to improve my language, I don’t mind.

Now few words about me and my blog.  I’ve read a lot of books and watched a lot of movies. There are so many things and definition in my head after that,so I would like to describe here.

Every time when I go to the cinema or the therathe to see art I am full of emotions which I would like to share here.
Casue I think sharing with people is very important and maybe, my words will help someone, who knows.

I/ve met lot of people involved in fashion on Facebook from India. I want to write an article about India’ design and show you some creations.

Then I move on to topics such as religions of the world as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity. I think it’s important topic. We are different in many fields. I would like to write about cultural differences in the wolrd.

author: Katarzyna Irzeńska

substantive care: Monika Mierzwa

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